A culinary variation Turkey hotpot

14.50 Net weight 600g

Traditional and hearty, hotpots are often a token of their regional heritage. Ours is a touch more healthy and contemporary than the original, albeit just as flavourful.
Ideal for two people.

The emblematic recipes of French cuisine have been bewitched into the verrines prepared with the 'Champenoise' touch of Bruno Herbin, who was awarded the title of 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' - Best craftsperson of the year.

They suggest the various facets of our country, from North to South and beyond, including of course their deeply rooted culinary craft. When friends and family are brought together around a table, these ancestral recipes unite generations in a celebration of our generous gastronomic heritage. It is also the time when eating habits, as well as ways to apprehend fragrances and flavours, naturally get passed down. It is the perpetuation of our Art de vivre.

Meats from France.
No colourings or preservatives.


Turkey leg (from france) 35%, chickpeas, carrots, kale, golden ball turnips, stock taken from cooking, salt.
Meats from France. No colourings or preservatives.

Allergen : None

Advice & Preservation

Heat gently.
Until the container has been opened, a verrine may be preserved for up to 2 years in a cool dry place.
Consume soon after opening and keep chilled.